FOAMid was created to provide a space to present an overview of ID basic knowledge, including microbiology, pharmacology, and clinical syndromes. The goal of this website is to present an overview of all aspects of ID in one place and to serve as a resource for medical students, residents, and fellows to understand basic concepts of ID.

About the author:


My name is Milana. I am an infectious disease fellow and a strong believer in FOAM (free open access medicine). The more resources are out there on medical education, the better. I like listening to podcasts but I love writing. I’m also a violinist, runner, amateur cheese connoisseur, and a believer in inflammaging.

Disclaimer: this blog is not designed to take the place of a professional physician or a formal ID consult. This blog also has no ties to an institution and all opinions shared on this blog are solely mine and no one elses.